Recensione Liquidi Milkshake Elda

“The company Elda Ltd. is now the leading manufacturer of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Europe.The idea to start the electronic cigarettes business and manufacture of e-liquids came from the President of the Managing Board of the company and its co-owner Dario Marenić, when a Chinese innovator presented this revolutionary product to him at a fair in Las Vegas. The world market is increasingly recognizing the fact that e-cigarettes and e-liquids do not contain tar and other harmful substances which can be found in traditional cigarettes. They are ideal for quitting smoking and also a more affordable alternative to cigarettes. We decided to take advantage of that and found an opportunity for business activities in this sector in the future.The president of the company started his vision by finding the highest quality and rich aromas, and designing and creating formulas that became the best recipes in the world today.To achieve his goal, the founder started creating his winning team. With that in mind he selected a group of highly educated, young, and professional people with experience and a lot of enthusiasm.Our team of highly educated experts, chemical engineers, pharmaceutical technology engineers, the president of the managing board with over 35 years of experience in business, tobacco and vape connoisseurs with years of experience, innovators, the marketing team, the quality control director, financial experts, strategic operational management experts, IT managers, programmers and graphic designers, and the public relations department make a winning combination and a winning team – PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE in one place!Our entire team has made the dream of our founder a reality! After months of experimentation and development, our team was able to create premium solutions! Consistency, security, and perfection are the features of our creative community in Elda.Today 99% of our production is being exported to 80 countries in the world.”
Composizione: 70% VG 30%PG 

Nome: Milkshake
Tipologia: Dolce
Colore: Trasparente
Nicotina: 0 Mg
Quantità: 10 ml
Hardware Utilizzato: Kayfun mini V3 ,Xilo
Resistenza: 1.0 Ohm/ 0,4 Ohm

Il sapore è fedelissimo a quello del frappè alla fragola con forti note di biscotto, panna e burro. Il sapore della fragola permane per tutta la svapata e non vi è la presenza di sentore chimico alcuno presente molto spesso in altri liquidi alla fragola.
Ottime le note che a fine svapata permangono in bocca di burro e panna. Un liquido che va utilizzato nei momenti speciali della giornata ed idealissimo per lo svapo invernale.


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